Cabloc Vertical Cable Fall Arrest Systems For Ladders

Fixed Ladder Safety

We design, supply, install, certify, inspect and maintain vertical cable ladder fall arrest systems.

Fixed ladders in the work place have been traditionally protected by hoops.  However, a report commissioned by the Health and Safety Executive concluded that hoops around fixed ladders may not be an effective way of arresting a fall.   The HSE have advised that any company with fixed hooped ladders should review their risk assessments with regards to working at height safety.  The report and further information in relation to the use of vertical fall arrest systems is summarized in HSE bulletin CCID1-2012.

Ladder Fall Arrest Solutions

The safest way to make use of a vertical fixed ladder is to have a vertical cable ladder fall arrest system installed.   The latest standard for such systems is EN353-1:2014 Guided Type Fall Arresters. The attachment device grips onto the wire and is smoothly pulled up the cable by the ascending operative. When descending the device glides down ahead of the operative.  Should an operative fall, the attachment device grabs onto the wire and acts as an anchor.  Such a system is an investment in safety which comes with the responsibility of keeping operatives trained and the systems maintained.  Consideration must be given to the correct PPE and Working at Height Rescue.

It is important that transition at the top of the ladder is properly considered and designed for.  We will often provide a top post which extends above the ladder and comes complete with an integrated single point anchor.  This means an operative can transfer from the vertical ladder fall arrest system to a lanyard connected to the single point anchor whilst maintaining continuous attachment.


We are approved installers of the 3M Capital Safety Cabloc system.  This gives our customers reassurance that their systems will conform to the latest standards and are backed by the worlds largest provider of fall arrest equipment.   The Cabloc system has a very light and compact attachment device which is easy to use and highly effective in the event of a fall.

Ladder Fall Arrest Cabloc