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Fall Protection Solutions design, supply, install and certify solutions for those working at height.  We are fall arrest system, roof safety line, guard rail, walkway, fixed ladder,  fall restraint system  & anchor specialists.  We also provide training, system testing, inspection, and certification to ensure full compliance.  Based in Sheffield, UK, we service projects generally within a 2-hour drive, although we will work nationwide for larger projects and supply only.  ESTABLISHED 2006

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Roof Safety Line 

Our cable-based roof safety line provides a means of safe working at height on roofs through the use of harnesses and fall protection PPE.  The Roof Safety Lines we install are always rated as a fall arrest system but are designed to act as a fall restraint system whenever possible.  Our systems are fully compliant, and we partner with reputable manufacturers such as 3M.

Roof Safety lines are convenient for short-duration roof access, such as inspecting roofs and roof-mounted equipment, quick maintenance tasks and cleaning gutters and solar PV panels.

Your roof safety lines must be maintained through annual inspection and testing, and all related equipment be regularly inspected.  All roof access equipment users must be fully trained, fit and competent.  Fall Protection Solutions takes care of all this for our customers.

Roof safety Lines must be designed for the intended purpose, such as the areas to be accessed and the Working at Height Personal Protective Equipment to be used.  Whenever a roof safety line is to act as a fall arrest system, the fall clearance must then be calculated to ensure safety and a working-at-height rescue plan must be in place.

The mounting posts for our roof safety lines can be fitted to many different roof types, such as metal roofs, flat roofs such as felt or membrane roofs, and all kinds of standing seam roofs.

Getting a quote for the supply and installation of a roof safety line is simple, and in many cases, an initial estimate can be generated from a desktop review.

Overhead Fall Arrest System

An Overhead fall arrest system is commonly used to work on top of items during manufacturing or maintenance or to facilitate the loading and offloading of vehicles.   They are frequently used in the aviation, modular building and vehicle maintenance industries.

Fall Protection Solutions offers a wide range of overhead fall arrest systems, categorised as Single Point Anchors, Cable Overhead Fall Arrest Systems and Overhead Rail Systems.  The Single Point Anchors and Overhead Cable Systems tend to be fixed in location, while overhead rail systems can be fixed or mobile.

Overhead Single-Point Anchors are an economical solution where the area to be protected is relatively small.  Anchor points can be bolted through or clamped to a structure.

Safety Line Overhead Fall Arrest System can span larger distances between structures. They are often mounted below roof beams and can easily span the distances between them.  They are also relatively economical to have installed.

An Overhead Fall Arrest Rail System provides a more rigid anchor point, reducing potential fall distances.  Fall Arrest Rail Systems are also better able to distribute imposed loads, so can be fitted to structures such as roof support purlins and other cold-rolled steel sections that would not be suited to safety lines.  Where there is no suitable structure to connect, we provide support legs or even a mobile davit-type solution, which can be moved into position by folk lift or crane.

Overhead Anchor Points are often connected to a fall arrest block.  Cable or webbing with a connector on the end is automatically fed out of these blocks as required.  In the event of a fall, the sudden acceleration causes them to lock off, and the fall is arrested.  The Sala RSQ block is especially useful, as it will automatically lower a suspended operative to the ground at a controlled speed in the event of a fall, eliminating any potential for an operative to be left suspended.

Fall Protection Solutions can survey your premises, review your needs and specify the best system for each client.

Roof Walkway and Steps

Fall Protection Solutions provides a wide range of Roof Walkways and Steps.  These are particularly suited to steeper-pitched metal roofs where access can be difficult, especially when wet.  There is both the immediate risk of slipping and the time taken to evacuate in the event of an emergency to take into consideration.  These risks are mitigated by providing level, high-friction surfaces to walk on, with appropriate guarding.

Roof Steps can be used to go up and down roof slopes or to gain access over obstacles such as pipes. On flat roofs, we offer free-standing weighted roof steps.  On metal roofs, the roof steps are often riveted to the sheet using water-tight pop rivets.

We use various materials, such as GRP grating, aluminium and galvanised mild steel, to provide the best solutions.  Fall Protection Solutions design, supply, install and certify.

Roof Guard Rail Edge Protection

Roof Guard Rail is a preferred method of roof edge protection as it provides collective protection against falls from height.

Fall Protection Solutions design, supply and install all kinds of roof guard rail edge protection.  Especially popular is our free-standing roof guard rail.  The weighted systems provide non-penetrative collective edge protection to BS EN 13 374:2013 and BS 13700:2021 standards.  Because the system is free-standing and reliant on its weights to be effective, we provide wind loading calculations based on the building location, roof height and design configuration.

Roof Guard Rail can also be riveted to metal roof sheets or fixed to existing structures such as the brick or concrete face of a building.

Our guard rail is also installed to protect against falls through fragile surfaces such as domed roof lights.