Overhead Fall Arrest Safety Systems

We design, supply, install, certify, inspect and maintain overhead fall arrest rail systems. Overhead fall arrest rail systems are a pragmatic way of achieving safe working at height for industries such as modular buildings, vehicle and aeronautical production and maintenance. These systems are often subject to regular use so it is important they are designed to meet the needs of the client and be sufficiently robust. Overhead mono-rail fall arrest systems have many advantages. They deflect less than a cable system in the event of a fall, therefore arresting the fall quicker. They produce lower loads and distribute loads back to the supporting structure more evenly. Where designed for they can be routinely loaded and even used for abseil purposes. We partner with highly reputable manufacturers such as 3M which provide a level of quality assurance and engineering in keeping with Fall Protection Solutions’ ethos.
C-Frame overhead fall arrest rail system
Overhead Fall Arrest Rail Systems 1