Overhead Fall Arrest Safety Lines

Fall Arrest Protection

An overhead fall arrest safety line is a pragmatic way of achieving safe working at height.  Overhead safety lines are used in industries working with  modular buildings, vehicles, aeronautical production and maintenance. These systems are often subject to regular use so it is important they are designed to meet the needs of the client and be sufficiently robust.

We partner with highly reputable manufacturers such as 3M Captial Safety which provide a level of quality assurance and engineering in keeping with Fall Protection Solutions’ ethos.  By having a continuous anchor point overhead it is easy to work safety at height.  The operative is connected to the tensioned horizontal overhead cable via a carriage which  runs freely along the length of the cable.  The carriage can even pass any intermediate brackets.

To the carriage we typically connect a fall arrest block.  This is a device that feeds out cable or webbing but locks off in the event of a fall, a bit like a seat belt.  Fall Protection Solutions work closely with clients to ensure the best possible configuration of systems.  A suitable harness, connection devices and working at height helmet are all crucial to having a fully functional and safe system.

Of equal importance is the end user training we provide, ensuring all operatives know how to use the fall arrest system correctly.

Other Types of Overhead Fall Protection

Where the supporting structure does not have enough strength to support our fall arrest safety lines we advise the installation of an overhead fall arrest rail system instead.

If your building has an overhead crane operating this may make and overhead safety line impractical.  Instead consider if an overhead jib arm or a fixed davit arm may be more appropriate.  These can be folded or moved out of the way when not in use.

Overhead Safety Line Vehicle Maintenance
Overhead Safety line Modular Buildings