Overhead Adjustable & Mobile Fall Arrest System

Flexiguard Mobile Jib Arms and A -Frame Gantries

Fall Protection Solutions offer the Flexiguard range of adjustable and mobile Fall Arrest Davit Arms and A-Frames that offer fantastic versatility.

The Flexiguard M100 and M200 jib system offers great versatility.  It has options that can reach up to 9.1m in height and spans up to 4.6m and rotate 360 degrees whilst in use.  They can be mounted onto fixed bases or use ballast counterweights and can be moved by either forklift or crane.

Our Mobile A-Frame Gantry overhead fall arrest system can be rolled into position as required and comes in options up to 9.14m in height.

Systems are available to support up to 2 persons in fall arrest.

These are all self-supporting so do not require other fixed structure other than a firm base to function and are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Flexiguard Fall Arrest Davit
Flexiguard Fall Arrest Davit

Steps for Airplane and Tanker Access

Our range of steps are mobile and can be pushed into position and then lowered onto the work platform.  A fall arrest block can be mounted to the top to provide enhanced fall protection. 

These are not our full range of solutions, so please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


A-Frame overhead mobile fall arrest system
flexiguard mobile and adjustable height access steps