Gantry Crane Fall Arrest

Fall Protection Solutions specialise in the design and installation of fall arrest systems for gantry cranes.  The planned and reactive maintenance of gantry cranes provide a particular challenge with regards working at height.  Where walkways are provided the guarding around them is often inadequate.   Many areas of the crane that may require maintenance are not within easy reach of the walkway.   Cherry pickers may be used to access parts of gantry cranes but they are unlikely to reach all the areas necessary.  Often the area below the crane may be cluttered with machinery and stock preventing access via cherry picker.   Fall arrest systems fitted to gantry cranes must take account of the dynamic environment and the high level of vibration.  It may also be necessary to create a safe means of reaching the crane at any location, which may mean facilitating reaching and walking along the crane rails.

In addition to systems on the cranes and system to facilitate access to the cranes, by mounting fall arrest rails above we create ‘hospital bays’ that provide an even safer method of access and maintenance.

We have found rail systems from 3M to be particularly suited to this application and have installed many systems for our clients.

Gantry Crane Fall Arrest 2
Gantry Crane Fall Arrest

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