Roof Guard Rail

Fall Protection Solutions design, supply and install roof guard rail.  Our roof guard rail is extremely popular as it provides a form of collective fall protection without the need for harnesses or lanyards.  The Working at Height Regulations 2005 requires that solutions offering collective protection such as guard rail be given priority over individual harness based solutions.  Guard rail should be the first thing to consider for achieving a means of safe roof access. 

Our most popular roof guard rail is a free-standing weighted system which is entirely non-penetrative. The counter weights allow the guard rail to sit on top of the finished roof.

Where access is required to standing seam roofs we can clamp our guard rail to the seams.  This is especially effective when combined with our roof walkways as it provides a safe means of traversing the roof at the same time as preventing wear and tear. 

Where access is required to metal trapezoidal roofs the guard rail is rivet fixed using butyl tape and rivets with sealing washers to ensure total water tightness.  Our guard rail may also be fixed directly to brick or concrete. All our installations come certified to BS 13:374:2013 as a minimum. 

Our roof guard rail solutions come in aluminium or galvanised mild steel and can be powder coated to meet your needs. 


Fall Protection Solutions installation technicians are fully trained in working at height and a fully descriptive method statements and risk assessments are provided prior to installation.  Fall Protection Solutions are Safe Contractor approved. 

Roof Guard rail is quick and easy to install.  Our operations managers will work with you to ensure and safe and timely installation.  Often the materials can be lifted direct onto the roof by a delivery vehicle with an integrated telehandler.

Our guard rail installations are often combined with our fixed ladder installation to provide a complete access solution.

Roof Guard Rail