Vertical Cable, Rail And Ladder Fall Arrest Systems

Rope access is recognised as a safe and economical way of reaching areas where other forms of access are just not practical.  Fall Protection Solutions can work with Architects, Main Contractors and Facilities Managers to integrate a means of safe abseil access into the structure of a building.  This can be achieved through a rail system ‘top fixed’ onto a roof (Roofsafe Rail) or fixed to the underside of a soffit (UniRail) or indeed the use of single point anchors.  These pre-engineered systems all conform to EN795 and are CE marked.

All abseil systems provided by Fall Protection Solutions are suitable for use by access technicians such as those qualified under IRATA (the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association).

To simply move between different levels, the most common solution is of course a ladder.  Fall Protection Solutions design and install bespoke galvanised mild steel, stainless and aluminium ladders.  These can be provided with integrated vertical wire ladder fall arrest systems (Easy Climber).  Ladders with integrated rail fall arrest systems and a diverse range of components for entry and exit points can be incorporated into a complete access solution (Glidelock rail ladder system).

Both wire and rail vertical fall arrest systems can be retrofitted to existing ladders.

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