Fall Protection Synthetic Cable

Uniline safety systems offer a unique synthetic cable that combines high strength with unrivalled dynamic performance and abrasion resistance. Cable properties enable span distances between fixings to far exceed those permissible with traditional wire based systems and yet limit and dampen load transfer to both the structure and fall victim.
Purpose built, high quality, attachment and tensioning components compliment the Uniline safety cable aesthetically and in performance - being unobtrusive, corrosion resistant and enabling users to move unhindered regardless of their proximity to the system.

Uniline safety systems are a tried and tested solution, that has been installed and utilised in some of the worlds most demanding environments. Fall Protection Solutions have provided the uniline safety system to act as an anchor for partially supported work positioning across large spans for roofers installing steep pitched zinc roofs.

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Fall Protection Uni-16 Intermediate

Fall Protection - Partially supported Work Positioning