Fall Arrest Steel Safety Line


The Uni-8 Horizontal wire system provides a continuous attachment fall protection anchor, which can be integrated into structures wherever required.  When assembled components enable users to gain access to exposed work areas without hindrance or restriction. With Uni-8 horizontal lifeline systems, workers can disconnect or connect at any point designated safe to do so. With Uni-8 horizontal lifeline system sets new standards in wire system performance and material quality. Manufactured from 316 stainless steel enhanced through electro polishing, system components are designed for heavy use in demanding environments.

Horizontal Safety Line

15m spans between structural fixings, supporting multiple users in restraint or fall arrest means that Uni-8 affords high level security at realistic cost.

Exact horizontal safety line system performance is definitively predictable through the dedicated Uniline calculation software program.  Fall Protection Solutions offer a complete design, supply and install service.

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 Uni-grab - Horizontal Lifeline

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