T-Line - Overhead Fall Protection


The T-line system is incredibly versatile fall protection product that can be used as a temporary or permanent overhead safety line.   Applications where this product excels include working on flatbed trucks, modular buildings, caravans or other indoor activities where operatives are working at height.

Key features of the T-line System are:


  • Very low fall distance.  This makes the T-line system highly suited to applications where operatives may be working at a height of less than 2m from the ground but need something to act quickly in the event of a fall.
  • Ease of use.  The operative can move freely below a carefully positioned system with hands free to get on with the work in hand.
  • The ability to be mounted at different heights either end of the installation.  Supporting steel work is not always positioned ideally for a horizontal safety line.  In this situation the T-line excels.
  • Can be positioned so as to avoid objects such as lighting and pipe work that may hinder the use of traditional horizontal safety lines.  With the correct procedures and training in place the T-line can be can be operated at the same time as a gantry crane operates overhead which is extremely useful when loading flatbed trucks.


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