Roof Mono-Rail Fall Protection System

Roofsafe Rail monorail roof safety systems formed from extruded marine grade aluminium which can be mounted to trapezoidal and various types of standing seam roofs including Aluminium and Zinc roofs.  The rail provides excellent restraint or fall arrest protection and can be loaded by the operative during normal use so is suitable for steeper pitches.  Being a rigid anchor it provides continuous attachment without any flex so the operative feels an increased sense of security.  It can distribute imposed loads over a larger area and is extremely robust so is suitable for harsh environments or more frequent use. Roofsafe Rail roof safety systems can be used alongside Roofsafe Anchor posts to provide a complete access system.  Because Roofsafe Rail roof safety systems are very low profile it is especially suited to providing roof access where solar PV is installed as it will not cause any shading issues.  Fall Protection Solutions offer a complete access and solar PV design service to our clients and install and certify Solar PV systems through our KOR Renewables division.


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 Fall Arrest Roof Rail Protection

Roof Safety Rail Harness System