Roof Fall Arrest Anchors

Roof Anchors provide a means of integrating safety lines or single point anchors onto a roof whilst easily maintaining water tightness and thermal properties.  Roofsafe posts can be fitted retrospectively to standing seam, metal profile, single ply membrane, mineral felt, almost any roof type.  The latest Spiratech shock absorbing technology of the fall arrest anchor point ensures that any forces transmitted to the roof in the event of a fall are minimised.  In fact the level of shock absorbing far surpasses any previous top mounted post.

Anchor Point

The roof anchors we supply have been designed so that a vertical pull test to 5kN can be applied without affecting integrity of the fall arrest anchor point. This enables annual test and verification of the roof anchors structural integrity, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.

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Fall Arrest Roof Anchor

Fall Protection Roof Anchor