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Roofsafe Cable is a steel fall arrest safety line designed specifically for mounting onto roofs using the Roofsafe fall arrest Anchor posts containing the Spiratech Force Management technology.  The roof safety line cable design takes advantage of the low system loads generated in the event of a fall arrest.  The 8mm cable provides a safe means of maintaining a continuous anchor point whilst on a roof.  Intermediate anchor points can be spaced at up to 12m which makes it a very affordably roof safety fall arrest line.  The Unigrab attachment device allows intermediate brackets and corners to be automatically passed whilst maintaining hands free attachment through harness and lanyard.  We always aim to design a restraint system i.e. where a fall is prevented, however, the roof safety line system has full fall arrest capabilities.  The associated Roofsafe Anchor posts provide fast and practical mounting solutions with minimal disruption for the full range of modern roofing.  Fall Protection Solutions will be pleased to design and install roof anchor systems that best suits your roof and the requirements of the system operatives.

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