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The Working at Height Regulations 2005 require that where there is potential to fall on a system, be it on a lanyard from a cherry picker or on a rope and grab connected to a horizontal safety line, there should be provision made for rescue.  It is not acceptable to rely purely on the emergency services.

With this in mind, Fall Protection Solutions provide working at height training and rescue kits to recover a casualty suspended on fall arrest equipment following a fall.  Once the casualty has been connected, they can be raised or lowered to a safe place. 

Remote rescue kits are specifically designed to lower or raise a casualty from a lanyard or fall arrest block. The casualty is reached via a pole and hook attachment which can be fastened to various points on the casualty for simplicity and ease of operation.

The whole system is failsafe in operation, and will lock if operated in panic. It functions without requiring the rescuer to be connected into the retrieval system.

An alternative to this system is the Personal Rescue Device or PRD.  The PRD is built into the operatives harness.  In the event of an operative becoming suspended, the device can be self activated by a pull cord or remotely by a long reach pole.  On activation the operative is lowered automatically at a controlled rate to ground level.

Fall Protection Solutions will be pleased to advise on which working at height training package best meets your requirements and arrange for appropriate end user training where required.

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