GlideLoc Ladder Fall Protection System

Fall Protection solutions can provide a range of bespoke roof access ladders in mild galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminium. In many cases it will be more appropriate to opt for a pre-engineered system with integrated fall arrest capabilities. The most versatile and functional pre-engineered roof access ladder with integrated fall arrest system on the market today is the Glideloc System.


GlideLoc Fall Protection ladders provide a safe and controlled means of vertical access whilst working where fall risks exist. The roof access ladder system is used throughout the world in industries such as Utilities, Telecommunications, Construction and Building Maintenance.

It offers employers, designers and users a vertical height safety solution, aesthetically pleasing and cost effective alternative to traditional hooped ladders

A shock absorbing travelling device called the “Comfort” runs along the track of the roof access ladder and provides the link between the users harness and the system. With a very slight outward pull as the user climbs or descends, smooth passage is assured.

The most popular GlideLoc design is the “Y Spar” – the fall protection rail forms a unique central stile to which the rungs connect.

GlideLoc provides a discrete solution for your vertical access requirements. Throughout the climb the user is safe and comfortable hence the work task can be carried out quicker and employers have total confidence in the safety of their employees. In the event of a fall the comfort physically locks onto the track preventing and further decent and minimising injury. As the locking of the traveller does not rely on friction, as is the case with some rail and cable systems, the user is given complete confidence and wear of the track is minimal.

In many cases vertical fall arrest systems can be retro-fitted to existing ladders. An engineer will be pleased to visit and examine your requirements.


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