Roof Guardrail

Free Standing Guardrail for Roofs


Free Standing Guardrail is the simple, safe form of roof edge protection.  Fall Protection Solutions supply and install quickly, safely and efficiently without penetration of the roof.      


DURABLE - free standing guardrail has a galvanised anti-corrosion finish equivalent to BS EN ISO 1461 with zinc coated steel grub screws;


LIGHTWEIGHT - free standing guardrail consists of lightweight components including a 100% recycled PVC counterweight weighing just 20kg.

Fixed guardrail is alos available.


Complies to:

EN ISO 14122 Part 3

EN 13374 Class A

HSG-33 Health & Safety in Roof Work

HSG-INDG 284 "Working on Roofs"

BS6399: Part 2 1995 Wind Code




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Free Standing Guardrail

Roof Guardrail