Roof Edge Demarcation Fall Protection System

For flat roof applications where access within 2m of the roof edge or fall hazard is not required, safe zone demarcation may be a suitable option.  This method of collective roof safety protection is suitable where only small, organised teams are accessing the roof on an infrequent basis.   FP Roof Edge Demarcation system provides a perfect solution by forming a highly visible physical barrier thus defining the safe area of work for roof safety.

The FP Roof Edge Demarcation system is completely free standing and has been designed to withstand wind speeds of up to 105 mph due to its unique base and upright which also eliminates any potential damage caused by oscillating. The upright has a lattice structure ensuring the wind circulates around and through the system rather than pushing it over. It has been built with roof safety in mind. Its three connecting pins do not protrude through the base and therefore do not come into contact with the roof structure ensuring it cannot damage the roof even if it begins to oscillate.  It has a non-protruding integral hook incorporated inside the lattice structure which ensures the chain cannot lift off the upright in high winds.

The trapezoid base is aerodynamically designed with four pyramidal sloped sides at 30° which, in extensive wind tunnel testing was shown to be the most stable shape. The underside of the base is sculpted ensuring the weight is distributed to its perimeter, minimising the effect of wind uplift.

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Edge Protection Demarcation

Fall Protection using Demarcation