Fixed Ladder Cable Fall Arrest Systems

Cabloc, Cabloc Pro & Lad-saf

Fall Protection Solutions are approved installers of a wide range of fixed or hooped ladder fall arrest safety equipment.  The Cabloc, Cabloc Pro and Lad-Saf systems provide a selection of wire based vertical ladder fall arrest systems.

Ladder Safety Fall Arrest systems are tested in accordance with EN353-1.

Concerns have been raised over the adequacy of reliance on the hoops of fixed ladders to provide protection.  Also many older fixed ladders have been installed with long distances between rest platforms.  The modern standard requires platforms every 6m yet it is not uncommon to find vertical spans of 15m plus.  Climbing such ladders can be hard work and operatives will start to feel tired mid span.  We can install systems that will ensure operatives are provided continuous fall arrest protection and provide the required training and rescue procedures.



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